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Green Clean NYC – Welcome to Our New Website and Blog

Updated: Feb 12

We've updated our website and changed our web address to

NYC skyline at dusk with view of Empire State Building.

Our New Site

Our old website was getting a bit long in the tooth, so we decided it was time for a change! The new Green Clean site is now mobile compatible and much easier to navigate.

Our New Blog

In Mal's Tips, Mal presents his original tips on everything from Features to Look for in a New Vacuum, to cat hairball catchers, to his super-secret (for manly-men only and thus destined to become controversial) Eco-friendly Emergency Hand Drying Method. Don't miss Mal's Musings, where Mal goes out on a limb to let you know what he really thinks — the Green Curmudgeon lives! Finally, check out Stuff Mal Likes, featuring really interesting and just plain “cool” stuff, not necessarily related to cleaning. We'd love to hear what you think, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Privacy Policy

You can be confident that our mailing list is private, and that we will never give out your information to anyone else for anything other than shipping or billing purposes.



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