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Effective cleaning takes time, effort, knowledge, and the experience gained from many prior cleanings. All Green Clean employees receive extensive training in non-toxic cleaning methods and correct product usage. They also receive training in proper business etiquette.

Green Clean always does a free on-site estimate before scheduling a cleaning. An actual estimate allows us to learn your personal preferences, to discuss what needs to be done, and to provide an accurate quote. That way, there are no misunderstandings on either side. Our team arrives 100% prepared with the proper equipment and supplies, so mistakes are avoided.

We are totally committed to eco-friendly green cleaning methods, so you'll never see our cleaners indiscriminately spraying everything with an ammoniated glass cleaner. Cleaning is done the right way — we use a non-toxic, neutral pH all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, micropore sponge cloths, and non-abrasive soft fiber scrub pads. All surfaces are either dry-dusted or damp wiped — any damp surfaces are then dried completely to eliminate streaking and water spots.



Because our focus is on cleaning, you won't find cookies on your pillow or incense in the air after we’ve gone. What you will find is a fresh, clean space with no overwhelming scents or harsh chemical odors. 

Many new clients have expressed amazement upon experiencing an inexplicable sense of well-being after one of our deep cleanings.


It's our pleasure to serve you in ways that make your life easier.

Cleaning the Right Way

Estimates - Not Guesstimates



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