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Dust & Pollen

Pet Allergens

Dust Mites


Electron microscope image of pollen and mold spores in bright green tint.


$45.00/hr. per person

(+8.875% NYC sales tax)


Swooshpail_H2Omark_450pxAsset 9.png

Our cleaning experts perform a top-to-bottom anti-allergen cleaning of your space. 

  • HEPA vacuum floors, rugs, and all horizontal surfaces.

  • Apply natural non-toxic anti-allergen spray (pet allergies).

    • The spray denatures — breaks down and renders biologically inert — the proteins found in dog & cat dander, saliva, and urine.

  • Deep clean & sanitize bathroom(s) and fixtures.

  • Deep clean kitchen, sink, plumbing fixtures, countertops.

  • Clean exterior of all appliances and cabinets.

  • Clean refrigerator and/or oven interior upon request.

  • Dust & damp wipe shelves, counters, and tabletops.

  • Clean behind and under furniture, desks, etc.

  • Dust & damp wipe walls.

  • Dust & damp wipe ledges, high mouldings, ceiling fans.

  • Dust & damp wipe windowsills, doors, and overhead trim.

  • Clean telephones, office & A.V. equipment.

  • Damp mop floors.

  • Clean closet interiors and shelving.

  • Spot clean fingermarks and grime on light switches, door handles & trim, cabinet pulls, etc.

  • Carry out trash and recyclable waste.

Green Glove™ allergy service is limited to removal of dust and pet allergens only, and always requires HEPA Vacuum Service.

* ADD $150.00. *

(Includes round-trip transportation, filter bags, prep & strike.)

Click here to learn about the benefits that HEPA vacuuming provides.

If lead dust, mold, asbestos, or fiberglass is present in your space, we suggest contacting an abatement service.

A $20.00 - $45.00 Initial Product Charge is additional.

8.875% NYC Sales Tax will be added to your total.

A fee of 25% of your initial cleaning estimate total will be assessed for cancellation with less than 48 hours notice.

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